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Services » Production of advertising video clips

We understand a comprehensive range of production organizational services as advertising video clip production. As a rule, in the beginning of the project we have creative idea of advertising clip in the form of scenario or even splitting into scenes. We offer several embodiments of this idea. Several variants different in expenses for production are available, depending on film type (35 mm cine-film, 16 mm cine-film, Digital Betacam, etc.) and the level of stage director, operator, artist, actor and composer. Of course, our client chooses by himself one of the project alternatives that we will realize.

Several main steps can be distinguished within the production process (we stress that there are only main steps and the process is not limited to them):

  1. budget approval,
  2. actors' casting,
  3. choice of location,
  4. stage scenery building,
  5. suit selection,
  6. shooting a film,
  7. editing period,
  8. production of special effects,
  9. music writing and underscoring.

We should also note that all the production proceeds in constant interaction with a client. We understand and take into account all clients comments.


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